Boys A 7th-8th Gr

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 Team 1 -Sunrise Café / Coach Brett Schazenbach  2  8  0
 Team 2 - Grizzlies / Coach Larry Haywood  4  6  0
 Team 3 - Amigos De Vista Lions / Coach Eric Taylor  5  5  0
 Team 4 - Coach Dez Brown & Don Sando  2  8  0
 Team 5 - Aloha Printing / Coach Nhat Nguyen  4  6  0
 Team 6 - Oceans 11 Casino / Coach Nick Lotito  6  4  0
 Team 7 - Coach Wybrant Taylor  7  3  0
 Team 8 - Coach Erika Hernandez  1  9  0
 Team 9 - The Orange Men / Coach Makana & Kainoa Afoa  9  0  0
 Team 10 - Kiwanis of Sunrise Vista / Coach Jason Christman  5  5  0
 Team 11 - Coach Shane Grahm  6  4  0
 Team 12 - Coach Joe Allen  5  5  0
 Team 13 - Coach J.C. Hammond  4  6  0
 Team 14 - Chicago Title Company / Coach Jeff Lynch  9  0  0

 Boys A Playoffs rd #2 (2/20/18)


 Season Standings/Playoff Seeding's
1. The Orange Men -  Coach Afoa *season pt. diff 1.522
2. Chicago Title Company - Coach Lynch * season pt. Diff 1.512
3. Coach W. Taylor
4. Kiwanis of Sunrise Vista - Coach Christman *season pt. diff. 1.16
5. Coach Grahm * season pt. diff 1.04
6. Oceans 11 Casino - Coach Lotito * season pt. diff 1.02
7. Amigos De Vista Lions - Coach E. Taylor *season pt. diff 1.08 
8. Coach Hammond * season pt. diff. 1.0
9. Coach Allen * season pt. diff. 0.98
10. Aloha Printing - Coach Nguyen * season pt. diff 0.968
11. Grizzlies - Coach Larry Haywood * season pt. diff. 0.959
12. Coach Brown & Sando
13. Sunrise Café - Coach Schazenbach * season pt. diff. 0.704 
14. Coach Hernandez * season pt. diff. 0.635
* season point differential determined by adding points scored / points allowed entire season
entire season used because not all teams played each other in league play during season

Boys A 17-18 schedule (updated 12_21_17)

Season Standings

High Scorer's of the Week - December 2nd, 2017
Enrique Martinez 14pts, Jayden Sweitzer 9pts, Zachary Thomas 23pts, Diego Longaker 13pts, Isaac Alcantar 7pts, Dantez Wilcox 21pts, Tanner Lotito 7pts, Wyatt Hamro 26pts, Isaiah Barron 6pts, River Scott 9pts, Amari Robertson 19pts, Jaden Taylor 15pts, Brenan Waldrop 10pts, Taytan Taylor 7pts, Kolby James 6pts, Player of the week Wyatt Hamro 26pts

Saturday, December 9th - games cancelled due to Lilac Fire & evacuations

Thursday, December 14th, 2017
Amarai Robertson 18pts, Brenna Waldrop 9pts, Nasik Taylor 23pts, Kolby James 7pts, Jayden Sweitzer 7pts, Enrique Martinez 9pts, Wyatt Hamro 17pts, Isaiah Barron 15pts, Brian Maweu 6pts, Isaac Alcantar 6pts, Tiger Green 16pts, Brandon Flanagan 8pts, Ethan Carpenter 15pts, Michael Solari 23pts, Joaquain Barraza 14pts, Luca Cortez 12pts, Keegan Swexton 12pts, Gavin Gamino 12pts, Devon Bullington 7pts, Ethan Uhren 11pts, Jose Quintero 8pts, Jacob Jauregui 6pts

Saturday, December 16th
River Scott 16pts, Levi Taylor 8pts, Kenny Boyett 7pts, Michael Solari 20pts, Joaquin Barraza 16pts, Brayden Beasely 10pts, Jack Solari 10pts, Enrique Martinez 6pts, Jeremiah R. 6pts, Nasik Taylor 28pts, Tytan Taylor 9pts, Ethan Carpenter 8pts, Zack Bate 12pts, Devon Bullington 11pts, Keegan Sexton 10pts, Wyatt Hamro 14pts, Nolan Waufle 8pts, Tiger Green 23pts, Logan Bellhuneur 9pts, Brandon Flanagan 8pts, Isaac Hernandez 8pts, Trevor Liepa 7pts, Gavin Arce 7pts, Jose Quintero 7pts, Cody McDarmid 6pts, Amari Robertson 18pts, Brennan Waldrop 15pts, Stevin Latimer 14pts, Ethan Harper 9pts, Jake Habicht 9pts, Zachary Thomas 17pts, Isaac Alcantar 17pts, Jake Hammond 21pts, Dylan Huunh 14pts,
Player of the week Nasik Taylor 28pts

Saturday, January 6th, 2018
Logan Belhumeur 16pts, Wyatt Hamro 16pts, Isaiah Barron 9pts, Dylan Huyuh 12pts, Jake Hammond 9pts, Ashton Hanna 6pts, Levi Taylor 11pts, Kenny Boyett 7pts, Naasik Taylor 8pts, Tytan Taylor 7pts, Henry St. John 13pts, Brian Mauer 11pts, Zach Thomas 9pts, Isaac Alcante 11pts, Cody McDiamid 8pts, Josue Quintero 10pts, Amari Robertson 13pts, Brennan Waldrop 14pts, Michael Solari 15pts, Joaquin Barraza 11pts, Brayden Beasely 9pts, Gavin Arce 16pts, Jacob Bell 12pts, Isaac Hernandez 8pts, Chase Toland 9pts, Mateo Sulejamani 6pts, Dylan Coast 7pts,
Players of the week - Logan Belhumeur, Wyatt Hamro & Gavin Arce all with 16pts each

Wednesday, January 10th
Levi Taylor 6pts, River Scott 8pts, Ethan Harper 12pts, Steven Latimer 16pts, Jake Habicht 10pts, Henry St. John 10pts

Saturday, January 13th
Kadin Boyo 11pts, Isaac Hernandez 22pts, Gavin Arce 12pts, Logan Belhumeur 10pts, Tiger Green 23pts, Dylan Huynh 20pts, Jake Hammond 8pts, Zachary Thomas 11pts, Brian Mawev 8pts, Isaac Alcantar 8pts, Ethan Carpenter 16pts, Amari Robertson 7pts, Devon Bullington 14pts, Keegan Sexton 8pts, Derek Delgado 6pts, Isaiah Barron 11pts, Mason Smith 7pts, Ethan Uhren 9pts, Liam Hartnett 8pts, Jacob Jauregi 7pts, Liano Lazo 13pts, Jeremiah Ratnadurai 9pts, Enrique Martinez 6pts, Jake Habicht 16pts, Naasik Taylor 9pts, Evan Nunez 12pts, Michael Solari 20pts, Brayden Beasley 8pts,
Player of the week - Tiger Green 23pts

Saturday, January 20th
Brian Maweu 22pts, Isaac Alcantar 13pts, Diego Longaker 7pts, Levi Taylor 18pts, River Scott 13pts, Amari Robertson 20pts, Brennan Waldrop 16pts, Gavin Arce 12pts, Isaac Hernandez 8pts, Jacob Jauregui 6pts, Tiger Green 15pts, Brandon Flanagan 10pts, Ethan Harper 14pts, Henry St. John 10pts, Jake Habicht 9pts, Michael Solari 26pts, Joaquin Barraza 22pts, Jeremiah Ratnadurai 9pts, Enrique Martinez 6pts, Jake Hammond 18pts, Dylan Huynh 12pts, Alexander Garcia-Zay 7pts, Ethan Carpenter 15pts, Mateo Sulejmani 14pts, Colton Mallett 11pts, Naasik Taylor 17pts, Tytan Taylor 7pts, Keegan Sexton 11pts, Zack Bate 6pts, Wyatt Hamro 27pts, Isaiah Barron 7pts, Mason Smith
Players of the week  - Wyatt Hamro 27pts & Michael Solari 26pts

Saturday, January 27th
Isaac Hernandez 20pts,  Gavin Arce 9pts, Tanner Lotito 8pts, Tytan Taylor 17pts, Naasik Taylor 15pts, Enrique Martinez 17pts, Jayden Sweitzer 9pts, Jeremiah Ratnadurai 8pts, Joaquin Barraza 20pts, Michael Solari 14pts, Jack Solari 12pts, Zachary Thomas 20pts, Isaac Alcantar 8pts, Amari Robertson 21pts, Zane Lee 11pts, Aiden Stover 8pts, Cody McDiarmid 14pts, Ethan Uhren 10pts, Jacob Jauregui 6pts, Ashton Hanna 14pts, Dylan Huynh 13pts, Jake Hammond 10pts, Devon Bullington 16pts, Zach Bate 10pts, Gavin Gamino 10pts, Steven Latimer 10pts, Jake Habicht 9pts, Ethan Harper 8pts, Tiger Green 28pts, Brandon Flanagan 9pts, Michael Corcoran 8pts, Ethan Carpenter 16pts, Mateo Sulejmani 6pts, River Scott 19pts, Chase Kuznitz 14pts, Levi Taylor 7pts, Wyatt Hamro 21pts, Isaiah Barron 11pts, Jacob Vitzian 6pts
Player of the week - Tiger Green 28pts

Saturday, February 3rd
Cody McDiarmid 9pts, Parker Jordan 9pts, Enrique Martinez 12pts, Jeremiah Ratnadurai 10pts, Jayden Sweitzer 7pts, Tiger Green 20pts, Michael Corcoran 14pts, Logan Belhumeur 12pts, Chase kuznitz 7pts, River Scott 6pts, Brennan Waldrop 18pts, Amari Robertson 13pts, Aidan Stover 6pts, Wyatt Hamro 26pts, Isaiah Barron 6pts, Ethan Carpenter 20pts, Colton Mallett 8pts, Dylan Coast 6pts, Jake Hammond 18pts, Dylan Huynh 16pts, Jack Solari 15pts, Michael Solari 11pts, Brayden Beasley 9pts, Keegan Sexton 16pts, Devon Bullington 14pts, Stevin Latimer 18pts, Ethan Harper 12pts, Jake Habicht 8pts, Isaac Hernandez 13pts, Jacob Bell 11pts, Naasik Taylor 10pts, Tytan Taylor 9pts, Evan Nunez 8pts, Brian Maweu 13pts, Isaac Alcantar 7pts
Player of the week - Wyatt Hamro 26pts

Saturday, February 10th
Wyatt Hamro 37pts, Mason Smith 11pts, Nassik Taylor 19pts, Kolby James 8pts, Jake Hammond 13pts, Dylan Huynh 12pts, Alexander Garcia-Zay 8pts, River Scott 14pts, Keegan Sexton 22pts, Zach Bate 10pts, Gavin Gamino 6pts, Enrique Martinez 17pts, Jayden Sweitzer 10pts, Jeremiah Ratnadurai 8pts, Cody McDiamond 17pts, Josue Quintero 14pts, Liam Hartwell 8pts, Ethan Carpenter 15pts, Chase Toland 11pts, Michael Solari 24pts, Jack Solari 9pts, Brayden Beasely 7pts, Trent Lotito 15pts, Gavin Arce 10pts, Tiger Green 14pts, Logan Belhumeur 8pts, Brandon Flanagan 7pts, Amari Robertson 14pts, Brennan Waldrop 10pts, Ethan Harper 16pts, Steven Latimer 13pts, Henry St. John 7pts, Brian Maweu 28pts, Zachary Thomas 8pts.
Player of the week Wyatt Hamro 37pts

Saturday, February 17th
Wyatt Hamro 33pts, Mason Smith 8pts, Jacob Vitziah 6pts, Amari Robertson 25pts, Jaden Taylor 12pts, Aidan Stover 10pts,
Zachary Thomas 28pts, Isaac Alcantar 10pts, Jacob Bell 16pts, Tanner Lotito 10pts, Isaac Hernandez 11pts, Dylan Huynh 9pts, Jake Hammond 8pts, Ashton Hanna 6pts, Cody McDiamond 13pts, David De La Paz 10pts, Josue Quintero 7pts, Jayden Sweizter 12pts, Jeremiah Ratnadorai 11pts, Gavin Gamino 6pts, River Scott 19pts, Levi Taylor 9pts, Chase Kuznitz 6pts, Stevin Latimer 21pts, Ethan Harper 15pts, Tytan Taylor 15pts, Naasik Taylor 8pts, Evan Nunez 8pts, Mateo Sulemani 11pts, Ethan Carpeneter 8pts, Colton Mallett
Player of the week  Wyatt Hamro 33pts




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